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Similarities and differences between Guangdong glass fiber casing and quartz fiber casing

Similarities and differences between Guangdong glass fiber casing and quartz fiber casing
Shunbo Insulation Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has 12 years of manufacturing experience in the fiberglass casing industry, especially the high-temperature fiber insulation casing has developed many kinds of casings, such as Guangdong glass fiber casing, silicone resin coated glass fiber Sleeve, acrylic fiberglass sleeve, quartz fiber sleeve, high silica fiber sleeve and other products, many people don't know the difference between them, they can only be distinguished from the temperature. Today we are talking about The difference between Guangdong glass fiber sleeving and quartz fiber sleeving.
Structural aspects. Guangdong glass fiber casing is made of glass fiber yarn woven into a tube, and then coated with silicone resin insulating oil for high temperature treatment. The quartz fiber sleeve is woven with quartz fiber, with a silica content of ≥99.9%, and has excellent high temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties. Its dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation factor are the best among mineral fibers.
In terms of working temperature. The continuous working temperature of Guangdong glass fiber casing is -60ºC to +200ºC. It is mainly selected according to different working voltages. It can be provided from 1.2kv-10kv, and it can also be distinguished from single point voltage and average voltage; quartz fiber casing Continuous working temperature: +1050°C, peak value can reach +1200°C
In terms of size. Guangdong glass fiber casing pipe has a relatively large size range, which can be 0.5mm-40mm; while quartz fiber casing pipe can be 0.5mm-70mm, and special specifications can be customized. The size range of quartz fiber casing is larger than that of Guangdong glass fiber casing.
Features. The main characteristics of Guangdong glass fiber casing are flame retardancy: self-extinguishing, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, good compatibility with similar impregnating varnishes, good mechanical properties, softness, and insulation. ; The main features of quartz fiber casing are smooth, soft, extremely high temperature resistance, high insulation, low friction coefficient, chemical corrosion resistance, and can avoid splashing of molten iron and electric sparks during use. Quartz fiber casing pipe performs better than Guangdong glass fiber casing in terms of high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
In terms of use. Guangdong glass fiber bushings are mainly used in the internal wiring harness of electronics, electrical appliances and automobiles, H and C motors, transformers, inverters, inductors, reactors, generators, heating equipment, lighting, etc.; quartz fiber bushings are mainly used It can be used in aviation, military industry, semiconductor, petrochemical industry, building construction, electrical and electronic, heat preservation and high temperature filter materials.
Certification aspects. Guangdong fiberglass sleeving currently has UL, ROHS, REACH certificate certification, and we are the only Guangdong fiberglass sleeving source manufacturer that can provide full-color certification from 0.55mm to 25.4mm.
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