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10kv cold shrinkable intermediate joint

10kv cold shrinkable intermediate joint
With the increasing demand for electricity, the demand for more and more cold-shrinkable products is also booming. Many of them have asked about 10kv cold-shrinkable intermediate joints. So what does the 10kv cold shrinkable middle joint look like?
Product Description:
Full cold shrinkage technology: No need for fire and special tools, and no trouble of gradual insertion, just gently extract the core rope, it will rely on its own elasticity to retract, so as to tightly attach to the cable to complete the installation.
Reliable insulation: imported liquid silicone rubber is used to ensure excellent insulation and high recovery elasticity. After installation, it always provides constant and long-lasting radial pressure to the cable body, with small partial discharge, and "breathing" with the cable body.
Good airtightness: The middle joint adopts a three-layer waterproof sealing process, which has excellent airtightness and water repellency, ensuring excellent elastic sealing and moisture-proof performance of the accessories.
Easy installation: simple installation, low technical dependence on operation, short stripping distance during cable pretreatment, and small installation space required. Grounding adopts constant force spring technology, no welding or copper wire is needed, which is faster and more reliable.
Widely used: anti-fouling, anti-aging, good hydrophobicity, corrosion resistance and anti-ultraviolet rays, ensuring stable long-term performance. With superior cold resistance, it is especially suitable for high altitude areas, cold areas, humid areas, salt spray areas and heavily polluted areas.
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