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SUNBOW Acrylic Fiberglass Tube SB-AGS is used in car motors, the best choice for car companies!

A few years ago, only foreign brands such as Delfingen were used for acrylic fiberglass tubes used in motors of large automakers. But now SUNBOW Acrylic Fiberglass Tube SB-AGS has entered the list of motor suppliers for large automakers, and it is a brand of fiberglass tube that domestic counterparts can hardly match.

To meet the application standards of automotive motors, components or materials must have distinctive advantages in terms of material, stability, and service life and other important technical indicators. SUNBOW Acrylic Fiberglass Tube SB-AGS can be outstanding, relying entirely on its own technological research and development strength and the factory's leading equipment advantage. I dare not say that it is on par with foreign counterparts, but it is more than enough to be better than domestic insulation material factories. It is the first to be equipped in the industry. With a full-speed braiding machine and fully automatic pipe-through equipment, errors that may occur due to manual operation are completely avoided.

Acrylic fiberglass tube SB-AGS is also an innovatively developed insulating material. In order to apply it to automobile motors, we have cooperated with the customer's motor designer for more than half a year. The samples of acrylic fiberglass tube SB-AGS are separated by one or two. It will be available for trial within months. It is a very long process to test and try on the car, but fortunately, the acrylic glass fiber tube SB-AGS has never been abnormal, especially the temperature curve control is quite perfect, far exceeding customer expectations.

Although the performance of competitors is also good and technical performance can pass, but cost control is not as good as ours. Around the fierce competition of the motor project of the automaker, the SUNBOW acrylic fiberglass tube SB-AGS took the lead and successfully won Customer's purchase order.

Acrylic fiberglass tube SB-AGS has unparalleled advantages in its peers:

1. Delivery time is 5-7 days, which is far more than 20% of peers

2. The breakdown voltage can be above 7.0KV, which only foreign first-tier manufacturers can do

3. Fully automated production line, no human error, to ensure the consistency of products, the peers may not be able to do


At present, the reliability of SUNBOW measured data has been recognized by more than 95% of cooperative customers. It has already been supplied to first-tier customers such as Huawei, Panasonic and Shanghai Weilai Automobile in bulk, and recently signed a formal bulk purchase contract with Japan's oldest motor manufacturer. With so many leading customers in the industry are using it, what else do you have to worry about.

SUNBOW insulation bushing, the best choice for car companies and motors!

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