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To standard TE high temperature heat shrinkable tube, SUNBOW's SB-RSFR-H can do it

Customers are looking for alternative materials for TE high-temperature heat-shrinkable tubing. Faced with such a strong product correspondence and technical research and development capabilities, only a few foreign manufacturers can do it. Perhaps within the past three years, SUNBOW can be benchmarked in China.

Many domestic factories claim that they can achieve benchmarking. The truth is that most of the products have false performance parameters, and a series of problems such as withstand voltage, wall thickness, and shrinkage temperature have occurred!

Our self-confidence comes from SUNBOW having several top experts in the new insulation material industry and rich experience in material development. Through more than ten years of continuous research and development and innovation, we have launched a variety of industry-leading insulation and high-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes, and introduced the industry's first automated production line to reduce human errors throughout the production process. Moreover, SUNBOW conducts flame retardant performance testing on each batch of high-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes to ensure the stable and reliable performance of all aspects of the product.

After more than ten years of technology accumulation and precipitation, SUNBOW, the high-temperature heat-shrinkable tube SB-RSFR-H has been able to match the standard TE high-temperature heat-shrinkable tube.

The high-temperature heat-shrinkable tube is an insulating heat-shrinkable tube with polyolefin as the base material. The working voltage is 600V, which is considered to be a medium insulation coefficient. Temperature resistance -55℃-125℃. The working voltage of SUNBOW is both 600V and 300V. It is better than TE in flame retardancy. In addition, SUNBOW's SB-RSFR-H is the first to pass the industry's 158h burn-in test certification.

SUNBOW provided test samples according to customer requirements, and compared them under the same conditions. After 3 months, the performance of SUNBOW's SB-RSFR-H was very good. Not only meet the requirements of customers in various aspects such as applications, but also far exceed customer expectations.

SUNBOW's SB-RSFR-H high-temperature heat-shrinkable tube is the result of long-term research and development and numerous tests and comparisons. This is a fact.

SUNBOW's SB-RSFR-H high-temperature heat-shrinkable tube not only breaks the situation that only overseas manufacturers can find high-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes, but also sets an example of domestic insulation and high-temperature heat-shrinkable tubes. More customers choose SUNBOW.

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