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-Silicone tube from 73℃ to 260℃ high temperature, a certain international brand coffee machine is using SUNBOW

Optional SUNBOW for silicone tubing that can truly meet the requirements of -73°C to 260°C high temperature environment without affecting performance. It has been tested by a third-party organization, and its reliability and stability are only compared with imported brands.

Most silicone tube factories are still weak in the configuration of test equipment. If customers require hundreds of hours of low-temperature or high-temperature testing, they can only send out to third-party organizations, and the cost of testing can range from thousands to tens of thousands. Although these test results are convincing, they lack simulation verification in the assembled state of customers' products. Compared with SUNBOW, the precise test plan is adopted, and the test results and its reliability are recognized by a certain international brand coffee machine.

At the beginning of 2019, an international brand coffee machine was looking for a silicone tube that could meet the low temperature of -73°C to the high temperature of 260°C. Stumbled across many factories, and they all said it could be done. But when the actual sample is tested, either low temperature meets, but high temperature does not meet; or high temperature meets, but low temperature does not meet. All the equipment of the coffee machine must undergo a temperature test of -73°C and a high temperature test of up to 260°C. However, this puts no pressure on SUNBOW's insulating sleeve silicone tube. The SB-SRT-FG series has not only passed a third-party low temperature test and high temperature test, but also undergoes high and low temperature shocks in its own laboratory.

The conditions specified by the customer are -73°C and 260°C, and the test time is advanced by 600 hours, 900 hours, and 1200 hours respectively. After each condition is completed, the appearance is checked visually, and there is no obvious change.

High and low temperature rapid temperature change -73°C/260°C, after a test cycle of 500 cycles, a high voltage breakdown test is carried out, and the average change range is within 10%, which meets customer requirements.

The customer’s engineer evaluated the test results and compared the third-party test reports of other companies, and finally chose SUNBOW.

SUNBOW is still incomparable in many aspects, such as:

(1) SUNBOW is equipped with 2 constant temperature and humidity aging boxes, and any samples can be verified immediately as long as they are sent in;

(2) Withstand voltage, flame retardancy, and silicone oil volatilization can also be tested by itself. Save customers the cost of preliminary testing;

(3) The raw materials are modified to make the reaction of the precipitation glue more complete. The finished product is more durable.

In the application of international brand coffee machines, many customers are already using SUNBOW and they are also loyal users of SUNBOW. For example, customers of brands such as Delonghi ESAM in the United States have witnessed and measured data, and they may buy the most assured silicone tube made in China.

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