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Born from a location, SUNBOW's fiberglass tube is getting stronger and strongerBorn from a location, SUNBOW's fiberglass tube is getting stronger and stronger

Due to the outbreak of the 2020 epidemic, many families are unable to go out and stay at home to study cooking. Therefore, the rapid growth in the sales of household appliances in the past two years has naturally led to the development of many industries.

Among them, glass fiber pipes, PVC pipes and heat-shrinkable pipes are the three most important parts in the household wiring harness market.

Corresponding to wiring harness processing plants, various procedures are definitely more complicated; Corresponding to wiring harness processing plants, various system certifications are also very comprehensive.

The general insulation sleeve manufacturer only tells you that there is SGS, and the raw materials pass UL. Is this really the case? Can you see if the first-tier brands will respond to you like this? SUNBOW quality system has obtained ISO9001, IATF16949 certification, and the products comply with ROHS, REACH and UL safety regulations certification standards! There are no more than 6 such dedicated insulating sleeve manufacturers in China! And in 2016, SUNBOW also began to enter the new energy vehicle market. After 4~5 years of experience, I have been able to match Sanden customers proficiently and very accurately.

SUNBOW products are widely used in household wiring harnesses and also have very professional experience and excellent products in the fields of trains, aircrafts, smart phones, high-power LED products, inverters, and related military and aerospace supplies.

Of course, it is not easy to do it in any industry now. Especially the new energy automobile industry, an industry that everyone wants to enter. Price wars cannot be avoided.

However, comparing the insulation sleeves of various manufacturers purely from the price, basically cannot reflect their respective values, and SUNBOW is more reluctant to falsify, cut corners in materials, and is reluctant to make low prices on the basis of crude fabrication. At present, SUNBOW’s fiberglass pipes have reached the high level of configuration of their domestic counterparts. Almost none of its peers has the manufacturing and R&D capabilities of SUNBOW. The raw materials of SUNBOW’s fiberglass pipes are made of German silicone oil material manufacturers (for example: Wacker). , The domestic similar manufacturers cannot compare with SUNBOW. Some international first-line brands have repeatedly proposed to cooperate in foundry matters, but SUNBOW insists on independent research and development, independent business philosophy, and does not do business as an agent!

In the household wiring harness industry, SUNBOW has learned a lot of experience and has come a long way.

In the future, SUNBOW will encounter more opportunities and challenges;

In the future, SUNBOW fiberglass tubes will become stronger and stronger;

In the future, SUNBOW fiberglass tubes will have a long way to go...

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